The Ex Factor Guide Review – All You Need To Know

It is hard to lose the one you love, especially if it’s because of untimely death. It would be another story, though, if your partner left you for someone else. It probably made you feel hopeless, lonely, angry, or confused, but sometimes, you still love them back. In situations like these, it is difficult not knowing what to do.

Should you choose to move on or try to get your love back? In these kinds of heartbreak, you want to ask or consult someone or something to tell you what’s next? A self-help book like The Ex Factor Guide could be what you need. But whether it works or not, let’s find out in The Ex Factor Guide review.

What is The Ex Factor Guide?

The Ex Factor Guide is a book on how to get your ex back. It is a comprehensive program, a step-by-step guide with sneaky, but effective psychological tactics on getting back with your ex. They are techniques meant to break down your ex’s defense mechanisms. When you can do that, you will soon get him or her to miss you enough – the first step to getting back together.

Couples break up due to so many different reasons. It can be so heartbreaking that it sometimes leaves you feeling miserable for days. The thing is that when you are overcome with emotions, you might do irrational things – mistakes that only lead your relationship further down the drain. It is something you would want to avoid at all costs if you still want your ex back.

Whatever the reason for your breakup – irreconcilable differences or third party – knowing the cause helps you determine whether it is good to fight for it or not. The Ex Factor Guide complete program helps you with this. It will help you understand if you can and if it is a good idea to get back with your ex.

It is about understanding your past relationship, so you can choose what to do next. After using the Ex Factor technique, you can learn the ways to rebuild your broken relationship. You can learn to make it work, so it lasts longer. Or, you can learn of the ways to move forward to be a better person.

When it comes to books or programs on getting back your ex, there is a lot in the market. However, the Ex Factor Guide is different as it is the most comprehensive and thorough guide there is. It is an entirely digital program with audio and video parts, as well as bonus ebooks at a reasonable price. It is the best value product for men and women who want to win their ex back.

About the Author

Brad Browning authored The Ex Factor Guide. He is a relationship expert, one that specializes in breakups and divorce. Over the past 10 years, Browning has worked with so many couples to solve their relationship issues. Aside from working personally with clients, he shares his expertise through books and programs.

Besides The Ex Factor Guide, he also authored the online program Mend the Marriage. It’s a program designed to help couples fix and save their marriage. In helping couples with their relationship issues, Browning also works as a senior editor in and contributor in

Additionally, he has a YouTube channel where he talks about his online programs, books, and other products. All these credentials make Browning a prominent and trusted name in his niche, which emphasizes how “The Ex Factor Guide” could be the answer you need. When looking for answers to your heartbreak, Browning is there to share his expertise.

What Will You Learn?

The biggest advantage that The Ex Factor Guide has over other online programs on relationships is its comprehensiveness. It covers everything that you might wonder about your heartbreak. It does not only talk about what to do to get back with your ex but also how to move on, help you learn to love yourself again and make your loved one feel just how important they are to you.

Why the Breakup Happened

Several chapters comprise the book. In each chapter, Browning enlightens the reader on various topics. On chapter 1, he talks about the reasons why he made the book and the possible reasons that you look to him for love guidance. He talks about how he can help you deal with whatever situation you find yourself in your relationship right now.

What Makes a Good and Bad Relationship and What You Can Do About it

Chapter 2 talks about the characteristics that make a good relationship, while Chapter 3 is all about what makes it unattractive. If the situation turns worse, Chapter 4 helps you stop panicking or learn to accept that the inevitable has happened. On the other hand, Chapter 5 is all about what to do after the breakup.

The 31-Days Cool Off “No Contact” Period

In Chapter 5, Browning recommends a special tip called the ’31-days cool off period.’ It is a no-contact period where you can figure out whether you want to get your ex back and plan how to do so if you decide yes. It is time for you to turn to your support group. With time to yourself, you can learn of different ways to keep your sanity after a heartbreak.

How to Make Your Ex Miss You

In the next chapter, Browning discussing dating other people. Chapter 6 discusses an old but powerful trick to make your ex miss you – jealousy. It is where he provides tips on how you can stealthily or indirectly let your ex know that you are dating other people. Making them jealous is a crucial step to make them come back to you.

What to Do When Your Ex Contact or Not Contact You

Chapter 7 and 8 talks about what to do – how you should respond – if your ex keeps in touch with you again or not. Your response to their reaction from the tips in the previous chapter is crucial. This way, you will know what actions to take to elicit the kind of result you want based on how you want your current relationship to move forward.

How to Start All Over Again

The last chapter deals on how to start all over again with your partner by going on a date. This time, you will be learning how you should present yourself to your ex if you want your relationship’s second chance to work. There are tips here that will help your ex view the relationship more positively the second time around.

The Ex Factor Guide does not only talk about getting back with your ex. It talks about two directions that you can go on after a breakup. One is to try to get back with your ex, but if this is what you want, you need to be careful, especially with your emotions. They can get in the way and ruin your hard work.

The second option is to move on with your life. If this is what you decide, The Ex Factor Guide helps you understand why your relationship has to end, but that does not mean that you are unloved. Moving forward means accepting the reason behind the breakup and that the hurt and pain will pass soon enough.

The Full Package

The Ex Factor Guide is not a single PDF file or book, but a collection of several materials. Those included in the full package are:

  • Main Ex Factor Guide
  • 5-Hour Audio Program
  • 3-Hour Video Program
  • Bonuses – Seven Steps to Sex Appeal by Mark Belmont and 10 Commandments of Sexual Attraction by Derek Lamont

Pros & Cons

What you will love:

  • You will receive expert help on love and relationship, so you can do the right thing after breaking up with your ex
  • You can get help from an expert who talks through the book in an honest, personal way, just like how your family and friends care for you
  • You can learn tips and advise how to get back on your feet after a painful breakup, especially how to avoid conflicts and drama
  • The book presents a detailed action plan on how you can win your ex back and fix your relationship.
  • It comes with a male and female version, providing you with tips and advice that suit your situation.
  • The book has bonus videos and audio programs, along with two bonus booklets by Mark Belmont and Derek Lamont.

What you may not love:

  • The possible reasons mentioned for the breakup is limitedly discussed in the book
  • Its bonus materials would be better to have more details
  • The material is only available in the English language
  • The contents of the audio course are the same as the eBook

Does the Product Work?

You must be wondering, does the Ex Factor Guide really work? The Ex Factor Guide does address the problems that come after a breakup. The program’s main objective is to prevent someone who has gone under a breakup to do stupid things because of their tumultuous emotions, and it does work.

The main book is inclusive with lots of tips on how to keep you calm and think things through. It makes you stop at your tracks and ponder on what you want to happen – move on or try to get back with your ex. Reading it and following the tips it said helps you not become obsessed with getting your ex back.

More than that, it is great that the book does not only talk about getting back with your ex but also how to deal with a bad breakup. If you don’t wish to pursue the relationship again, you can learn how to stand on your feet again and instead move on from this experience. It also teaches you tips on how to build a healthy relationship, so that next time, you can make it long-lasting.

Most of the contents of the book are the same as other relationship or breakup books. But as it is a comprehensive guide, you can learn a lot of things from here. Also, it is an advantage that the book offers advice to both men and women. It also categorizes the given tips based on your age and relationship status.

Another thing that makes The Ex Factor Guide an excellent program is how it emphasizes that problems in a relationship are normal. Also, it focuses on not only your feelings but your ex’s as well. This way, you can gain a better insight into what led to your broken relationship, how to fix it and how not to let that happen again.


Breakups are often hard. Even when you separated amicably, sometimes there are lingering feelings that can make it difficult to move forward with your life. The experience of breaking up with the person you love can bring up all kinds of emotions – sadness, anger, and confusion – at once. It is understandable that you feel miserable during that time and may do irrational things.

While it is understandable, it would be bad if you end up making decisions when your emotions are riled up due to a bad breakup. Pursuing an old flame and pushing hard to get back together while your emotions are high is not likely to result in your goal of getting back with your ex. You may end up doing things like begging, pressuring, or threatening them.

Those are not actions that can endear you, not with your ex or anyone else. Browning’s The Ex Factor Guide does well in pointing out how important that you don’t do this. It is emphasized in his ‘no contact’ rule, which not only gives you time to think about the relationship but also make them miss your presence.

As it also helps you get back your self-esteem and become a better version of yourself, The Ex Factor Guide is indeed a good buy. It does have some weaknesses, but its step-by-step processes towards rekindling your romance or moving on is an excellent read. It is good to have this book with you as you take the time to figure out what to do after a heartbreak.

The Ex Factor Guide Review